Garage Door Repair Hamburg Michigan

Garage Door Repair Hamburg Michigan

If you need to repair your garage door, the experts in Doors of Pontiac can help. A garage door brings plenty of benefits. So, the moment that it won’t function properly, it’s best to not aggravate the problem and call a professional right away. Fortunately, regardless of the condition of your garage door in Hamburg Michigan, our team of experts has the necessary experience and skills to repair it as soon as possible. Thus, once you’ve seen signs to have garage door repair Hamburg Michigan, contact us now. 

Signs You Need Professional Garage Door Repair Hamburg Michigan

Here are some apparent signs that you need to call Doors of Pontiac for garage door repair Hamburg Michigan: 

Noisy Garage Door

A noisy garage door can be annoying, especially if you just want to relax after a tiring day. Noises in garage doors usually indicate some problems with the door itself. If you hear any unusual noises, the best course of action is to have a professional repair it. 

The problem will depend on what type of noise the garage door makes. For your reference, here are some common garage door noises and the problem they point to. 

  • Grunting sounds: This can indicate problems with the torsion springs.
  • Grinding: Lubrication problems.
  • Squeaks:  Lubrication problems or loose parts.
  • Banging noises: Broken springs, especially if the banging noise occurs when closing the garage doors.
  • Rattling: Loose nuts or bolts on the garage door tracks.
  • Squealing: The door is off-balance.

Once you hear any of these common noises, it’s best to call us right away. Doing so will help you avoid any costly issues.

Unusual Movement When Opening/Closing

Although it’s pretty common for garage doors to make some unusual movements from time to time, it’ll become a cause of concern once any jerking becomes excessive. Hence, if your garage door in Hamburg Michigan is shuddering and shaking far more than usual, it can result in serious concerns, such as loose screws and hinges or the rollers going off their track. If not addressed immediately, it may even endanger your safety. 

Delays When Opening/Closing

If your garage door presents some delay when opening after you’ve pressed the remote, then it indicates that you must have garage door repair Hamburg Michigan. Note that a slow response time may indicate the following problems: 

  • Corroded pulleys
  • Broken opener cords
  • Old motors
  • Worn out remote circuitry
  • Bad rollers

If left untreated, your garage door may stop functioning. Thus, once there are already some delays when you open or close the door, contact a local expert immediately. In doing so, you’ll prevent extensive repairs and accidents.

Sagging Sections

Garage door maintenance involves doing some balance tests. The purpose of the balance tests is to assess if the garage door’s panels aren’t sagging. 

A balance test involves detaching the door from the opener. Then, lift the garage door halfway. If the door remains in place, then it’s properly balanced. If the door slams closed, though, then the door is off-balance. If your situation involves the latter, then the tension springs may already be worn out. Also, dulled tracks and rollers can be causes of an unbalanced/sagging door.

Overall, a sagging balance door may increase the chances of damaging your car or yourself. That’s why the balance test should be conducted once or twice a year. 

Garage Door Is Dislodged Off Its Tracks

A well-maintained garage door will safely and reliably move up and down via its tracks and rollers. In some cases, especially if the garage door is already old or damaged, the door will be dislodged from its tracks. As a result, the garage door will no longer open or close properly. 

If your garage door exhibits this sign, call us right away so we can assess the problem and get you garage door repair Hamburg Michigan. 

Benefits of Hiring a Professional

A car is an expensive investment, which is why we want to safeguard it from the elements and other factors. One way to do so is to have a garage with reliable doors. As time passes, your garage doors will be worn out, becoming a danger to your investment and yourself. 

Although you may think that you can fix any problems associated with your garage door, hiring a professional will offer you more benefits, including: 

Prevent Injuries

There are around 20,000 garage door-related injuries that happen annually. Some common accidents involve cutting one’s fingers. Some DIY enthusiasts may think that they can fix their garage doors, especially if they’re able to pinpoint that the problem is only minor, like changing the cables or springs. 

Unfortunately, addressing any issues related to your garage door, even if it’s minor, isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. Take note that garage doors are extremely heavy, which means moving them without the necessary tools and experience will only increase the chances of injuries. 

Therefore, if you don’t have any training or experience, it’s best to let the professionals handle any garage door repairs.

Professionals Have Access to the Latest Equipment

Repairing garage doors require more than just a screwdriver. You can rest assured that all of our team members know how to use the latest equipment to fix any problems concerning your garage door. 

Save Time and Money

Calling us to fix your garage door in Hamburg Michigan will help you save time and money. This is because you won’t need to research and purchase any equipment or parts needed to fix the issue. Additionally, if you try to DIY the repair, then there’s a huge chance that the problem may not be 100% solved, especially if you don’t have any background in garage door repair. 

By hiring us, not only will the issue be addressed, but it’ll also lower the chances of it recurring. This means you get to save time and money addressing the same problem over and over again. 

Guaranteed Repairs

There’s no guarantee that repairing the garage door yourself will be successful. If you regularly use it in its subpar condition, then there’s a huge chance that it’ll get damaged again, exposing anyone and your assets to danger. 

Since we’re experts in the field, we can guarantee that any repairs we make to your garage doors are 100% successful. 


Having us repair your garage doors will allow you to have insurance. This makes sure that all work and products are protected for a given time. Our insurance also covers garage door maintenance. 

Why Choose Us for Your Garage Door Repair Hamburg Michigan?

Reasonable Prices

We offer reasonable prices, and you only get to pay for the services you need. Our prices will grant you access to a wide selection of garage doors, ensuring that you’ll find one that’ll match your home or business. 

Moreover, our garage door repair Hamburg Michigan services also include a full check-up along with repairs. The full check-up is intended so any hidden problems will still be fixed. High-quality services from our trained and licensed team, state-of-the-art tools, and replacement parts are all affordable! That’s why we can guarantee an efficient and hassle-free garage door repair for Michigan residents. 

We Have a Team of Experts

Above everything else, we always value quality and safety. That’s why we make sure that our team members are licensed, experienced, and trained in garage door repairs. Our team of experts is also determined to provide high-quality door repairs, installation, and replacements for our valued clients. 

Our Locations

We have locations in the following counties: 

  • Oakland County
  • Macomb County
  • Livingston County

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So, feel free to call us today or fill out our contact form. We’re always happy to help you anywhere and anytime. 

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