Garage Door Repair Pontiac Michigan

Garage Door Repair Pontiac Michigan

Let’s face it — at some point, your garage door will break down due to age. It can also fall prey to factors that damage it prematurely. For residents who need effective garage door repair Pontiac Michigan, we can lend assistance to you. If you spot any of the below indications, it’s time to give the professionals a call.

Reasons You May Need Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Refuses To Open/Close Properly

This one is pretty hard to miss and means that your garage door needs repairs or replacement. Whenever a door does not open or close, its cables may be worn out or broken. Another cause of a door that refuses to close or open is a faulty garage door opener.

Garage doors that don’t close all the way are also bothersome. Your garage door is left vulnerable to unsavory elements. Even with a slight gap, conditioned air might get out and disrupt proper temperature. Moisture can also get inside and leave your garage at risk of mold growth.

Some fixes can be done by homeowners. For instance, they can check the distance setting of the garage door openers. They can also check if the photo-eye safety sensors were set askew. However, if those fixes do not solve the problem, consult the help of professionals for repairs. We’re more than happy to help.

Garage Door Moves Slowly

A garage door that moves slowly may be caused by several issues. For one, the torsion springs might be worn out due to age. Another cause might be lubrication — the garage door’s hinges, tracks, and rollers may not be lubricated enough. Lubrication is crucial since it maintains the door’s functionality. You can do the lubrication bit on your own. However, if this fix does not work, a repair should be next.

Your garage door’s programming might also be the culprit. It might have been set to open and close slowly. Read the user manual and check if there is a safe and simple way to increase the speed of the garage door. However, if the instructions seem too complicated, we have several trained garage door repair professionals ready to lend a hand.

For homeowners in Pontiac who want to request garage door repair Pontiac Michigan, we can accommodate you. Doors of Pontiac can help you assess the extent of the problem and determine if it needs a repair or replacement.

Out-of-Balance Garage Door

Unbalanced garage doors should be dealt with immediately so as not to damage all springs. There are ways to determine if the door is unbalanced. Check if the door sags or is lopsided. A door that is out of balance can also be determined by opening/closing the door manually halfway or if you shut the automatic opener off. If the door moves up or down or refuses to remain in place, then this indicates that there is a wonky component in the garage door that requires repair.

Broken Garage Door Opener

There are two common reasons garage door openers malfunction: the logic board has failed to work or the opener’s nylon gears are stripped. 

It’s a good idea to contact our garage door repair crew in this instance. We can identify the problem and give estimates on the overall repair expenses.

Noisy Garage Door

Garage doors that create a lot of noise can be bothersome for residents and their neighbors. A frequently noisy garage door also indicates damage, thus it requires some going-over. The kind of noise that it makes might also determine the repair needed. A deep, reverberating noise could indicate malfunctioning torsion springs. A door that produces a grinding noise means it’s tugging against its track.

If you live in the Pontiac area and need first-rate garage door repair Pontiac Michigan, we can help you with noise issues. Contact us right away for the best door advice, repairs, and replacements.

Malfunctioning Automatic Garage Door Opener

One of the best innovations in home technology is the automatic garage door opener. However, to prevent hassle, they should be functioning properly at all times. Depleted batteries and power failure are common causes of faulty automatic garage doors. However, sometimes the problem is caused by a worn-out motor or gear.

A replacement is required when the motor or gear of an automatic garage door opener has died out. The installation process can be a tricky one since it necessitates specialized equipment. Also, the steps involved are on the complicated side. It is best to hire Doors of Pontiac professional garage door services instead to accomplish the job correctly.

Broken Extension or Torsion Springs

Your garage door requires repair if it has problems with its springs. Garage doors make use of two mechanisms to open and close themselves: through torsion or extension springs. Extension springs are positioned on either side of the garage door along its tracks while a torsion spring is situated on top of the garage door at the center.

Whenever the garage door is closed, both springs are put under extreme levels of tension. This produces the force required to elevate the door. When the spring gives way or the coils are worn out, the door will not open. Keep in mind that fixing broken door springs is not an easy task. It is a task best left to us professionals.

Homeowners facing this problem require garage door repair Pontiac Michigan services to fix door spring-related problems without a hitch.

Damaged Garage Door Panels

Damaged garage doors and door panels are not only a sight for sore eyes but they also make your home vulnerable to external threats. They can attract criminal activity. Furthermore, all the heating and air conditioning that you have invested in will be put to waste.

Check the garage door and door panels for broken parts, tears, and dents. Do not allow these issues to further damage your garage door. If you cannot decide if the problem needs a repair or replacement, call us and we can determine exactly what your door needs.

Higher Energy Bills

If you’ve noticed a surge in your energy bills, chances are your broken garage door requires a fix. Garage doors function to seal off the area, particularly if the garage underwent proper insulation procedures. A garage door that works correctly will prevent heat from escaping the area. Heat is crucial since it maintains an adequate, comfortable temperature within your home. Even the slightest crack throughout the garage door’s bottom or side can affect your home’s insulation.

Of course, when heat keeps escaping from your garage door, it can lead to more money spent on energy bills. Your house should be snug and comfy during the winter season. To retain that level of comfort, it is a must to repair broken garage doors. If the house feels too cold, homeowners have no choice but to turn up the heat and this can lead to higher energy bills.

Residents with broken garage doors must choose immediate garage door repair Pontiac Michigan to help tackle the job with ease for homes that are extra comfortable during the snowy season.

Efficient Garage Door Services in the Pontiac, Michigan Area

Your garage door is an essential component of your home, so keeping it functional at all times is a must. This is not only for aesthetics but also for security, comfort, and safety.

For homeowners living around the Pontiac area or surrounding locations, make it a point to give us a ring for outstanding garage door repairs and replacements. Our trained crew of professional technicians can help extend the life of your door through repairs. We also provide faultless installation services. Our exceptional team of trained pros can perform the following jobs:


  • Broken, damaged rollers
  • Broken torsion and extension springs
  • Rusted or misaligned tracks
  • Faulty garage door openers

Preventive maintenance

  • Replacements
  • Garage door springs
  • Panels
  • Opener chain
  • Opener motor

If you are planning to give your garage a makeover, we can provide the assistance you need to replace old or outdated garage doors. Our team can help design and install garage doors that will perfectly match the aesthetic using carefully-chosen doors or panels. We can provide feasible advice on the best options for your garage door needs. You can always count on us to bring out the best in your property.

For locals who would like to have high-quality garage door repair Pontiac Michigan, our professional technicians are always glad to assist! Call us today for an appointment.

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