Garage Door Repair Warren Michigan

Garage Door Repair Warren Michigan

Many people are not aware of the technology involved in garage doors. To them, it’s simply a door that comes up and down to accommodate their vehicles. But it’s a complicated system with lots of moving parts and exposed components. So, over the years, problems will start emerging: creaking mechanisms, dents or scratches, and unresponsive switches and remotes. When these issues start to manifest, it’s best to contact experts to handle your garage door repair Warren Michigan.

Don’t do it yourself — there are dangerous parts in the system that can seriously injure you. Instead, let the team at Doors of Pontiac take care of the problem. We’re your trusted garage door installation and repair specialists based in Warren, Michigan.

Why Choose Us for Garage Door Repair Warren Michigan?

Whether you own a commercial establishment or a residential property, you’ll eventually find yourself needing premier garage door services. You can trust Doors of Pontiac to do it all for you. As an established company in the industry, our team works efficiently to provide services that make us stand out. Here are other reasons why we’ve remained on top for the past few decades.

Seasoned Industry Professionals

Doors of Pontiac has been around since 1977. Since we began, we’ve continued to employ industry experts with expansive knowledge in the practice. They accrue more in-depth insight into garage doors the more projects they handle. This helps them stay updated with new technologies, especially with the advent of smart homes.

Because of this knowledge and each member’s dedication, our team is able to deliver outputs that exceed expectations. We’ll remain friendly and professional throughout all interactions. We don’t just do this because it’s expected but because we believe in the value of creating strong relationships with you.

Quick Turnaround Time

We understand how valuable your time is, so we make sure to work within a set deadline or schedule. That way, you can go about your day without any issues or disturbances. Adhering to a deadline is nothing new to us, as we’ve already set the standard when it comes to turnaround time. Since our team is highly knowledgeable, they can work with utmost efficiency, completing projects within the quickest time period.

We also recognize that some things are out of our control: weather, accidents, emergencies, etc. If we are unable to finish a project on time, we’ll make sure to communicate and let you know the issues we are facing. That way, you can make adjustments ahead of time.

Complete Services Offered

It’s quite the hassle to search for a separate garage door installer and repair company. In some cases, you’ll have to find a specific service provider that can work on a particular brand as not all of them can handle every model. That’s why it’s better to partner with companies like Doors of Pontiac.

As your full-service garage door company, we offer complete solutions to address all your needs. Whether you need new garage doors, want a repair, or replacement of parts, trust our team to handle it for you.

Comprehensive Garage Door Repair Warren Michigan Solutions

Let our reliable crew provide the following services and more!

System and Parts Installation

Garage door installations are our specialty! We can come to your commercial and residential property to construct and set up a garage door system that follows your specifications, down to the smallest details. We’ll carry an array of brands and models so you can choose the one that fits your aesthetic.

Aside from traditional garage doors, we can install more advanced systems that can easily be integrated into your smart home. We carry circuit boards, opener parts and remotes, and high-quality rollers for a seamless and automatic mechanism. 

Garage Door Repairs

Since garage doors have lots of mechanical parts and components exposed to weather, they can degrade over time. Not to mention the small scratches and dents resulting from minor accidents. If any of these problems appear on your garage door, our team will come to our property and repair it.

We have the right equipment and knowledge to quickly and effectively fix problems with your garage door. Rely on us to tighten loose brackets, hammer out dents or nicks, realign metal tracks, and replace faulty parts. We’ll do a thorough job to ensure that your garage door works like it’s new again.


There are some cases when the damage is so great that repair is no longer possible. Car accidents, fires, and other major events can render your garage door non-operational. In this case, a replacement is the recommended course of action.

We’ll come to your property to assess the damage and find out what kind of garage door model was used. Then, we’ll consult with you to understand your garage door needs and see if there are other extra features you want to add. 

Tune-Ups and Maintenance

To lessen the frequency of repairs, you need routine tune-up and maintenance work for your garage doors. If done regularly, this practice will help you detect issues before they become major problems. That way, you can save money from repairs or replacements and prolong the life of your garage door system.

Our team will come to your property and inspect the various parts of your garage door. We’ll evaluate your drive chain, motor assembly, fastening, springs, and other parts that are prone to issues. After we’ve made our inspection, we’ll show you our findings and provide recommendations or services as needed.


If you have the budget for a custom garage door, we’ll take care of it. Just let our team know and we’ll check if we’d be able to handle your request. If it’s within our capabilities, then our crew will handle every step of the process, from sourcing the parts needed to installing the system on your property. Once we’re done with the project, you’ll have a personalized garage door that will make your property stand out. 

Don’t Do the Repair Yourself

You might be tempted to repair your garage door yourself. How hard can it be? After watching a few YouTube videos, you might think that you can do some minor repairs here and there. But a DIY Garage Door Repair Warren Michigan is very dangerous. You can seriously injure yourself if something goes awry. The worst-case scenario is permanent disability or even death. Why? Garage doors are extremely heavy. If the door falls on your head or limbs, it can easily crush your bones. That’s just one of the reasons you need to work with a professional.

Garage Door Spring

A garage door spring offsets the weight of your garage door. This allows you to open and close it without much effort. To support this mechanism, the spring is always in tension. Over time, the spring can loosen, which can lead to garage doors not fully opening.

So, you might be tempted to tighten the spring yourself to fix the issue. But this mechanism can snap and send pieces of it flying everywhere. This can hit and hurt you. In addition, the snap will release the door, causing it to rapidly fall if it was open. The force can crush you if you are standing under it, causing injury and even fatality.

You’ll Cause More Problems in the Future

If you do succeed in repairing some minor issue with your garage door, you won’t be able to do it as thoroughly as a repair technician would. These people know everything about the system, so they’ll be able to look at the bigger picture and see the root causes of a problem. If you do it, you might neglect the other things that will compile into bigger issues in the future.

No More Warranty

Most garage door systems are protected by warranties. So, if there are any damages within the contract period, the garage door’s manufacturer can send technicians who’ll fix it for you at no charge. But, if you do it yourself, you’ll lose this privilege and will need to pay for future repair projects.

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