Garage Door Repair Wixom Michigan
Garage Door Repair Wixom Michigan 3

Garage Door Repair Wixom Michigan

The garage is the most secure place to store vehicles and other expensive belongings. However, it can’t fulfill its role as a secure storage space if the door is malfunctioning. Without a functional garage door, everything inside — including vehicles — becomes vulnerable to theft and property damage from extreme weather conditions. But there’s no need to worry; if you’re looking for garage door repair Wixom Michigan recommends Doors of Pontiac to get the job done right.

Doors of Pontiac has been providing high-quality doors since 1977. We provide doors of all kinds for commercial establishments and residential homes, and we specialize in providing, installing, and repairing premium garage doors for our clientele. If you need an emergency garage door repair Wixom Michigan residents can rest assured that we’ll be there to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out; our team of experts can help with anything you need.

Reasons for Garage Door Repair Wixom Michigan

As a team that has been providing the residents of Michigan with premium door services for years, we have the necessary expertise to help you through any situation. In our time in the area, we’ve helped countless customers with countless problems. Below are the most common garage door problems that we have handled for our clients: 

Accidental Damage

Accidents are inevitable. Whether harsh weather or a vehicle accident leads to a need for garage door repair Wixom Michigan residents will be pleased to know that our team will visit you personally to assess the damage. Our experts from Doors of Pontiac will determine whether your door can be repaired or needs replacement. We will make sure that your garage will once again be protected by a fully-functional and secure door as soon as we can.

The Door is Stuck

When an accident damages your door, it’s relatively easy to identify the cause of your problems. However, you may have found that one day your garage door simply ceases to function. Maybe your door is stuck shut, stuck open, or even stuck halfway ajar, and you have no idea why. When this happens, your garage door is almost certainly broken. There are many things that could cause a garage door to stop working, including broken springs or cables, and not many of them are visible to the naked eye.

There’s no need to worry; our team is very experienced in diagnosing and resolving invisible issues such as these. We will conduct a full check of your garage door to assess what’s wrong and get everything in working order as soon as possible.

The Door is Making Loud Noises

Hearing unpleasant sounds from your garage door is never a good sign. If you begin hearing creaking sounds whenever you open or close your garage door, then it’s time to schedule a check-up with our team. There is most likely something wrong with the door’s inner parts. In some cases, the loud noises may be caused by broken springs, a rusty door that needs to be lubricated, or an off-track door. Don’t let the problem go unresolved. Once you hear that your garage door has been making odd sounds, kindly give us a call. We’ll help you resolve the problem before it escalates.

The Door is Crooked

If your door goes crooked whenever it’s opening or closing, this is a sign that your limits may be off. The limits are a part of the garage door that lets it know when to stop moving. Your garage door will automatically stop moving on its own when it’s fully opened or closed, so you can adjust the limits if you suspect that they are off. However, crooked doors may be a sign of broken or rusty springs and rollers. It’s also possible that something is blocking your door’s tracks, which is why it isn’t able to move properly. If you’re not sure about what’s causing it, then it’s best to check with a professional. When we’re called in for garage door repair Wixom Michigan residents can rest assured that our experts will be along to diagnose the issue as quickly as possible.

The Door is off of its Track

Once your door comes off the track, contact a professional right away. Leaving a door off-track for a long time could lead to extensive damage to your garage door and the surrounding parts of your garage itself. There are several possible reasons why your garage door has come off track; try to recall if you’ve bumped or scraped your door with your car recently. If you haven’t, it could have something to do with inner parts, old hardware, or loose materials. Whatever has caused your need for garage door repair Wixom Michigan attests to the excellence of our services; we will diagnose the issue and resolve it for you as soon as possible, swapping out broken parts for high-quality replacements.

Garage Door Repair Wixom Michigan – Our Services

Our range of services covers everything from diagnosis to replacements. We make sure that our clients feel stress-free and satisfied throughout the entire process. By working with us, you can enjoy the following services:


If you need garage door repair Wixom Michigan residents will find that we handle all types of repairs for all types of garage doors. Whether your garage door has been dented, damaged, or fully broken, we can take care of it swiftly and proficiently. If you’re not sure what the problem is with your garage door, our team will visit your property to assess what kind of repairs your door needs. We’ll give you a rundown of the process and explain everything to keep you in the loop. We can guarantee that we will have your garage doors back in pristine condition in no time.

Part Replacement

Is your garage door broken, but not damaged enough to be replaced? There’s no need to worry. Our garage door repair Wixom Michigan services include the replacement of broken parts. We have many parts in stock, such as cables, rollers, springs, and more for all kinds of doors. We’ll assess your garage door thoroughly upon inspection and list down all the things that need to be replaced. From there, we’ll begin installing these new parts to ensure that your garage door is 100% safe to use by the conclusion of our services.

Preventive Maintenance

Even if your garage door is functioning properly, conducting routine maintenance checks can prevent your garage door from sustaining severe damage in the long run. Some issues won’t be visible or noticeable until they’ve progressed to an alarming degree, so it’s always good to get your garage door checked for underlying issues every now and then. Find out the true condition of your garage door by scheduling a maintenance check with us. Our team will thoroughly check your door for potential issues so you can save time and money on possible repairs in the future.

Installation and Replacement

Some damages are too severe to be repaired. In this case, you may need to start looking for a replacement. Doors of Pontiac offers comprehensive replacement services that cover every step of the process. We offer a wide selection of garage doors to choose from, and once you’ve chosen one, we will deliver and install the door for you as well — you won’t have to worry about anything throughout the whole process. We guarantee that your new door will be sturdy and built to last, and our installation job will be seamless and strong.

Find the Perfect Garage Door for You

Do you need a new garage door? Browse our expansive gallery to find the perfect fit for you. If you don’t find your ideal garage door in our gallery, then that’s completely fine. Doors of Pontiac is fully prepared to give you a broader list of options — just let us know what you need! Our time in the industry has given us time to form partnerships with many different companies and door manufacturers.

We have various designs, colors, and types of garage doors available for you to choose from, even if they aren’t displayed in our gallery. If you need a specific type or style of garage door, then feel free to contact us; we’ll find exactly what you need.

Work With Us for Garage Door Repair Wixom Michigan

We provide nothing but the best garage door services for all of our clients in Wixom Michigan. If you need urgent garage door repairs, installations, or replacements, then kindly contact us; we’re ready to assist you in any way that we can!

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