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Replacement Windows in Rochester, Michigan

Doors of Pontiac is your trusted contractor for replacement windows in Rochester, Michigan. A new set of windows will provide you with protection from the elements, the latest technology, and energy efficiency. Have professionals install your windows, minimize mistakes, and ensure your new glass panes last for a long time. We use only the highest quality materials installed by certified and insured professionals.

We offer different types of glass, panes, and materials for you to choose from. We’ve helped hundreds of residents and businesses in Rochester get the windows they need. Contact us for a free quote or estimate. We’re eager to answer your concerns and help you get brand-new windows.

Various Window Styles

An advantage of replacement windows is you get to choose what type of window you install. You may have had to settle for windows that came pre-built with the home. Over time, they wear down, or the style can get outdated. Here are some of the windows our customers choose:

  • Double Hung: A vertical window that can open from both sides. It helps you control airflow as both windows can tilt inward and bring fresh air. They’re popular choices for homes with two or more floors.
  • Bay: Bay windows are very popular in Rochester, Michigan. They add space in the room as the window projects outward from the building’s main walls.
  • Picture: Picture windows can be a great option if you want more light in a room. They do not open like other windows but work best if you have a beautiful view outside your house.
  • Casement: A casement window is a traditional style where the window itself hangs on a hinge at the side. It allows you to move the window outward.
  • Awning: Awning windows are similar to casements. The main difference is that the hinge is at the top of the window instead of the side.
  • Bow: A bow is similar to a bay window except that its exterior is curved. Like bay windows, you want to use them for the added aesthetic and to widen your view of the outside.
  • Sliding: As the name implies, sliding windows open by sliding them to the side. They’re great if you don’t want the window to take up more space when opening.

Why Choose Us for Replacement Windows in Rochester, Michigan?

Paying for professional installation services minimizes the risk of any mistakes. Even a misstep while placing your new windows can make them much more vulnerable to damage. You also don’t want gaps that can lead to heat or cold coming in, making your temperature control inefficient. With us, you’re sure to have beautiful windows that serve their purpose. We install both commercial and residential replacement windows in Rochester, Michigan.

Many choose us not only for the quality of work we provide but our speed as well. We offer a combination of quickness and a clean finish that you rarely find in other contractors. All of these are offered at some of the most competitive prices in the city. Our team works closely with manufacturers to get the best prices in the market.

Contact us today to get an estimate. We’ll teach you the best practices for maintaining your windows. Get the windows you’ve always wanted with us.

A Top-rated Window Replacement Service

The many satisfied customers in Rochester are a testament to our ability to install high-quality windows that last for decades to come. We have the knowledge and skills needed to place the right windows in the right places. Our team also knows how to separate the best windows in the market from lackluster ones.

Our dedication to our craft has led us to the numerous high ratings you see online. 

When Should I Replace My Windows?

A common question we encounter is about timing. When is the best time to replace your windows? Several factors go into this decision, like age and preference. However, experiencing any of these signs means you need it sooner rather than later:

  • Higher energy bills: Aged windows subtly affect your ability to control the temperature inside your house. You may notice how your electricity bills are increasing suddenly even though nothing has changed about your usage. One reason may be that the windows are aging to a point that they’re no longer energy efficient.
  • You feel a draft: Feeling a draft beside a closed window is not a good sign. That means it’s no longer sealed, making it hard to keep the cold or heat out. It’s time to get those windows replaced.
  • Visible cracks and damage: A cracked or broken window is no good. You’re exposing your property to risks like theft, pests, and water damage.
  • You need better soundproofing: Many of our customers choose to replace their windows to get better soundproofing. It allows you to keep your peace at home even when the neighbors are noisy.
  • Visible condensation: Visible condensation inside the window indicates that humidity is seeping in. It’s a sign that the window’s air-tight seal is no longer working, requiring replacement.
  • Faded furniture or carpets nearby: Fading in nearby objects means that the window is no longer protecting your property from UV rays. The best option here is to replace them with a window capable of blocking out harmful UV.

Get the Replacement Windows You Need

Replacement windows can be the change you need to improve your home and save money on energy bills. It’s an investment that will serve you for decades to come. 

Contact us today and get some of the best prices for replacement windows in Rochester, Michigan. Doors of Pontiac will work within your schedule and install the windows you need.