4 Benefits of Installing a Storm Door for Your Home

People put a lot of thought and care into their entry doors these days. They’re not just a way to get in and out of your home—they’re also a focal point of your property. To make sure your entry door stays intact, you’ll want to install a storm door in front of it. If you aren’t aware of all the benefits installing a good storm door can provide your home, though, we’re here to go through them with you. That way, you can make a more informed decision on whether you want one.

Shield Against the Weather

As the name implies, a storm door’s main benefit is protecting your entry from storms. Rain, ice, snow, and wind can slowly eat away at the integrity of your door. While many types of entry doors can withstand the elements, time is their greatest enemy.

The older your door is, the harder it is for it to resist the harshness of certain weather conditions. Storm doors act as a layer of protection for your beautiful entry door.

Deter Intruders

Speaking of protection, storm doors offer a secondary defensive benefit: they can help deter intruders from trying to break in. When a criminal attempts to rob someone’s home, a quick and quiet entry is critical for them. Storm doors make that nearly impossible.

These doors come with a second lock that intruders must get past, slowing them down drastically. If they decide to simply break through, their crime will be much louder and more noticeable, ruining their attempt. This is why many burglars don’t bother with homes that have storm doors.

Let In Light and Fresh Air

One feature many people enjoy with their storm doors is the ability to leave their entry door open whenever they want to let in more sunlight and fresh air. The fresh air is only possible if your storm door has a screen, but this is an option for many models.

Either way, this feature isn’t really available to those who don’t have storm doors. Leaving your front door wide open doesn’t feel right. Any bugs, animals, or even people can just come in whenever they want. While the latter option isn’t as likely, it’s still something many people worry about.

Boost Energy Efficiency

The final benefit of installing a storm door for your home is the boost in energy efficiency you get from it. Most doors have impressive energy efficiency ratings these days, but none completely retain the heat or air conditioning your home provides.

That means having a storm door helps increase the natural energy efficiency of your house. It acts as a second barrier for hot or cold air to get through. Of course, this works both ways. Storm doors are also great at keeping the extreme temperatures from the outside from affecting your home’s interior.

If these advantages have convinced you that a storm door is worth your money, Doors of Pontiac is the best place to get one. We have many residential storm doors for you to choose from. We’re positive one of them will be the perfect fit for the look and feel of your home.