Fiberglass vs. Steel Doors: Choosing the Right One

When picking a front door for your home, you need to consider a lot. The size, color, and design are all important, but before you can decide on any of those, you need to settle on what kind of materials you want for the door’s composition. There are quite a few options for entry doors, but two of the most common are fiberglass and steel. If you’ve narrowed your selection to these two types but don’t know which door to choose, we’re here to help you pick the right one.

The Argument for Steel

Let’s start by looking at steel. When most people picture a steel door, they think of the plain gray ones they’d find in the back of a business. However, residential steel doors are much more colorful and vibrant. Plus, you can even get ones with glass built into them.

While there’s a decent number of style options for steel doors, that’s often not the primary reason people buy them. They get them because of their strength. A steel door can hold up against anything from nasty weather to burglars trying to break into your house.

Unfortunately, this strength comes with a trade-off. Steel doors require lots of maintenance to keep them in good working order. If you put in the time to take care of your door, though, it’ll last you much longer than anything else on the market.

The Argument for Fiberglass

Now, let’s go over fiberglass and how it compares to steel. First off, fiberglass doors have many more design options than steel ones, making it easier to find a look that best fits the rest of your home. On top of that, it requires no maintenance, which is another huge plus over the competition.

While strong, fiberglass doors aren’t nearly as sturdy as steel. However, one pro they have is that they’re much more energy efficient. That’s not to say that steel isn’t good at saving energy—fiberglass is just better at it.

Which Should You Choose?

Now that you know the key differences between fiberglass and steel doors, which one should you choose? Since there’s no definitive best option, you need to go with the one that best fits your needs. If strength and security are priorities when it comes to your front door, steel is the best choice for you. On the other hand, you might want to go with fiberglass if you want to focus more on aspects like design and energy efficiency.

Regardless of which one you choose, Doors of Pontiac is the place to get it. We sell both steel and fiberglass residential entry doors, as well as many others. Once you decide which door you want, we’ll even professionally install it for you to help ensure it fits your home perfectly.

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