Choosing the Right Commercial Door for Your Building

Inside your business, you have the office, retail space, and employees with welcoming demeanors, but your door doesn’t seem to possess the same welcoming quality. Upon entering a building as a customer or worker, you want to feel welcomed into the space; the door should also feel safe to use, day in and day out. On your next renovation project, consider changing the entrance; here is what you should know about choosing the right commercial door for your building.

How Do You Want To Use the Door?

Knowing how you want to use the door isn’t a trick question; it’s a way to address where the door will be when installing it. You’d want a smaller doorframe if the door’s meant for employees only. If you need a warehouse door, pick a gliding door, like a garage one, for added security. A sliding glass door is perfect if your storefront needs a door.

Learn the Door Materials

Don’t mount the door yet; determine what materials to use first. For an office interior, you’d want a standard wooden door with a glass pane indicating who works in that part of the office. For the exterior, pick a commercial door made from a material that’s not off putting to guests but doesn’t degrade.

Most businesses may go with aluminum because it’s a stiff, durable material and provides extra security, but aluminum heats up fast and stains easily. So you may choose to go with fiberglass because it doesn’t dent or bend, but it also doesn’t provide adequate insulation.

These materials are fine to use, but one might not perform well depending on the climate. The other material to use that’s common, durable, doesn’t stain, and provides insulation is steel. A steel door is better, whether sliding, gliding, or manually shutting. However, steel doors do lean on the pricier end of the value scale.

How Much Maintenance Can You Commit to Doing?

Can you do a whole lot of maintenance? Maybe not a lot, but if you aren’t open to maintenance, you will have trouble keeping it in good shape. The biggest factor in choosing the right commercial door for your building is ensuring you can inspect and fix any problems it may have.

Since you have learned about the materials and know what to use your door for, consider giving Doors of Pontiac a call to discuss commercial doors further. We’re happy to offer a gallery full of doors for you to check out and browse for ideas. Let us know what door you’re looking for, and we can help you find what you want.

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