Storm Doors vs. Screen Doors: What Are the Differences?

There’s something hospitable about a special exterior door welcoming you home; it’s nice to think of those hot summer days with children running in and out of the house to play and grab snacks to share with friends. It’s also pleasant to have a door with extra protection during stormy days when you need to close the shutters that shake in the wind.

It’s nice to know that you have options for an exterior door. Before you select one, you need to know the differences between the styles, their benefits, and if they’d work for your home. As you do your research, learn the differences between storm and screen doors.

What Are the Distinctions Between Storm and Screen Doors?

You probably wonder about the differences between these two entries. Storm doors and screen doors possess great attributes, but they aren’t the same at the end of the day. The first distinction is that screen doors are more common in the southern United States, while storm doors are pretty common up north.

A storm door protects your home from the elements. A screen door keeps out bugs and ventilates the air. Storm doors have more parts and two glass panels; a screen door has only a mesh screen.

The latches on a storm door make it easy to lock the entryway for added security. The hinge can hold the door open if necessary. A screen door adds character to a screened-in porch, and a storm door works perfectly on either side of the house.

The Benefits of a Storm Door

Obviously, you need a door to keep out bugs, debris, and the elements—without one, your home would be incomplete. Brighten your home with a screen door or protect it from rain and snow with a storm door—the choice is yours! Here is an overview of the benefits of a storm door:

  • The storm door protects your home from heat, rain, wind, tornados, and cold weather.
  • A storm door has heavy-duty metal parts that keep it in the entry and add security.
  • The tempered glass panel can improve your home’s energy usage.
  • It’s possible to install pet doors onto the storm door.

The Benefits of a Screen Door

A screen door can be perfect if you want to add something simple to an enclosed porch. Here are the benefits of screen doors:

  • Your energy bills decrease.
  • Easy, on-demand air conditioning when you want it.
  • Screen doors have lock systems for added security.
  • Pets and children won’t accidentally open the door when running outside.

A door isn’t only a way to get in and out of the house; it’s a layer of security to keep you and your family safe. If you are indecisive about which door to buy, consider contacting Doors of Pontiac to learn more about our doors. Once we’ve discussed the door you’d like to buy, our professional team of storm door installers will do the work for you. Keep your home looking its best with a new storm door!

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