What Does Your Front Door Color Say About Your Personality?

While wall decorations could be the foundation of your personality, the entryway door color speaks more on first impressions. If you have come to terms with the fact that the current front door color no longer looks good, it’s time to change it up with something new. Let’s get to know you better by figuring out what your front door color says about your personality.


Of all the colors to choose from, you decided on orange. Orange is not a bad choice; it’s actually a common door color many like—and for a good reason! Orange is the color that defines a homeowner who’s not afraid to stand out and make a bold statement. Whether by style or paint color choice, they are not afraid to be themselves. An average homeowner with an orange entryway is known to love entertaining.

The Feng Shui of Orange

Orange looks great on the interior and exterior sides of front doors. Traditionally found on interior restaurant doors, this color makes customers feel hungry. If you happen upon an entry with this color, that household will feed you well!


Coming up to a red door, you might feel excited, passionate even. You sense that because of the homeowner’s bright and alluring personality. The color red means passion, and that’s exactly what to expect of the people residing in the home.

Setting the Tone With Red

If you could pick any color out of a rainbow, it’d be red. Red is eye-catching, memorable, fiery, and insanely lucky, and it’s every word that describes passion—which is who you are. You’re the person that gets things done, and no matter how hard the going gets, you challenge it head-on. People often consider you to be a strong individual if you have a red door.


The color for the most fun-loving, outgoing, humorous individuals is yellow. Those with yellow doors are passionate about life and always look to the bright side or know the grass is greener on the other side. You can expect someone living in a house with a yellow door to be happy and carefree.

Yellow Doors on a Cloudy Day

Sometimes you need something else in yellow to make any day feel better. A person with a yellow door is seen as happy, optimistic, and embraces their uniqueness. You can expect to be welcomed with open arms at a house with a yellow door.

Your entryway can say a lot about you. These colors can help you figure out the question that’s been bugging you for a while: what does your front door color say about your personality? You can find out with Doors of Pontiac. Our services extend from superb residential front door repair to a showroom filled with doors to inspire you to replace your old one with something new.

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